2 Zodiac Signs Overcome Their Past Mistakes & Experience Abundance On May 3

An impediment is not an incident intended to prevent you from achieving your dreams, but rather to express how important they are to you.  

The path to your prosperous future is not paved entirely with ease and green lights. It may appear that the universe places barriers in your path.  

Challenges help you understand what you desire and how capable you are of achieving it. This Friday, Mars in Aries will align with Pluto retrograde in Aquarius.   

Together, they help you find the motivation and fortitude you need to overcome hurdles in your path to success.  

As these two planets align, obstacles and previous decisions are revealed for what they are. The past is not something you simply get over.   

Instead, make it all work for your greater good and experience true strength as you materialise the riches you deserve.  

This is a sign to get out of your comfort zone and embrace great changes and chances in your work life. You have the ability to actualize your dreams, no matter how strange or unrealistic they appear at first.   

1. Cancer  

Recognising your differences from others is often a major lesson you must learn on your path to plenty. As the zodiac's last sign, you combine characteristics of the previous eleven signs   

2. Pisces  

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