2 Zodiac Signs That Are Basically The 'Universe's Favorites'

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Lucky and remarkable in their own way, every zodiac sign has its own distinct features.  

In astrology, Joshua Pingley refers to people with benefic signs (signs ruled by Jupiter or Venus) in their big three or who are dominant in these signs as "the universe's favourite" due to the additional confidence and good fortune they may experience.  

"According to the essential dignities theory of astrology, every planet has zodiac signs in which it is strong and signs in which it is weak," Pingley added.  

Sagittarius and Pisces are the frontrunners because Jupiter, the benefic planet,  

bestows dignity onto them, whereas Mercury, the lone neutral planet, bestows debility, or weakness.   

Due to their mastery of all 12 zodiac courses, Pisces is “the universe’s favorite” magician and seer. Pisces is the most knowledgeable, prepared, and kindest.  


Sagittarius, a fire sign pioneer, breaks boundaries. They strive for personal progress like Jupiter. This sign symbolises adventure, travel, and philosophy because its purpose is expansion, knowledge, and connection.  


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