3 Clear Boundaries To Set With Your Jealous Partner

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Cohabitating with an envious partner can be a real pain. Your partner's envy could be a constant source of tension. When your partner's envy controls them, what can you do?  

There is a great deal of leeway, despite common assumption to the contrary. You can't fix your partner's jealousy,   

that much is true. Your partner will never "get over being jealous," no matter how much you try to make them.  

But you can help your spouse overcome jealousy by setting limits with them. Having these limits in place can also facilitate a rekindling of your relationship.  

Don't blame yourself. Instead, this is about recognising any habits that may be causing marriage difficulty. Does flirting interest you? Your mate may not regard your motives as innocuous or innocent.  

Setting limits with knowledge of your tendencies  

With love and tenderness, create limits with your jealous mate. Approach the discussion gently. Define your actions and inactions. Instead than guessing what your partner wants or feels, talk from your perspective.  

Set loving, caring limits  

As mentioned above, you cannot fix your partner's jealousy. You can talk about being wrongfully accused. You can say how much you want to talk without fighting.  

You can't repair your partner's jealousy, so set boundaries.  

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