3 Reasons Playing It Cool Is Terrible For Your Future Love Life

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The Rules, a cult classic from the '90s, Think Like a Man, and even your loving grandma have all encouraged us to be a bit "hard to get" when we're just starting out in a relationship.   

There are aspects where it does make sense. It may be prudent to give each other space when you're still getting to know each other on a date.  

Avoid pushing this fascinating and lovely new person in your life too hard or making them move more quickly than they are comfortable with. On the other hand,  

it might have devastating effects on your romantic relationships and even cause you to lose touch with individuals you could care about.   

Your ex is not this person. We know many people play it cool in new relationships because they've been injured and misled. They're afraid of getting injured again, and we understand.  

You're likely acting out of fear 

Making oneself unavailable may seem like a smart idea, but it might end a romance. Your data may become frustrated attempting to understand you. When you hold back, you tell your date you don't care about them or this new connection.  

Holding back sends mixed message

Connection is crucial to any healthy and successful relationship. Your connection with your date makes it a relationship. Only briefly are you two connected. There is a connection whether you are having fun or serious and devoted.  

Playing it cool blocks connection

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