3 Zodiac Signs Are Stronger Than Their Problems On May 3

This Friday, we're feeling quite good about a specific bold move we're going to make, and that type of pure self-confidence will come in handy in the days ahead.   

We see adversity before us. What do we do? Do we shrink at the thought of having to conquer it ourselves, or do we step up and take action?  

As self-respecting individuals, we are no longer willing to accept whatever is provided to us. We will defend ourselves, and if necessary, we will fight.  

We're not talking about a physical fight, but three zodiac signs value hardship. This drive to do the right thing and live the right way will be supported by a strong Mars/Pluto alliance.   

This is not a joke, zodiac signs. If your sign is listed below, remember this: Friday is a day for completing tasks and moving on. This is the period when we are confident that we can overcome virtually any challenge in our path.  

Taurus, you must make a significant decision. However, this decision cannot be made from the heart. To understand what's going on, you'll use your mind rather than your emotions.  

1. Taurus  

You never imagined you'd be able to overcome that one minor issue in your life, especially because you weren't responsible for doing the effort.   

2. Gemini  

Who thought you'd feel like this during the Mars/Pluto alignment? That means you know exactly what to do in the face of adversity.   

3. Virgo  

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