3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Their Relationships Before May 31

May is often associated with optimism and hope. While all of this is intended to be genuine and rewarding, how we get there is crucial, as this month marks a new beginning.   

To make some of those fantastic fresh starts, we'll need to let go of things in our lives that are holding us back.   

Most of us have come to accept that endings do occur, and that they can even happen to us. For those zodiac signs who will leave their romantic relationships in May  

we will realise that this is not a mistake; it must happen. We feel it in our bones and know we can't keep this relationship going.

There are astrological transits that start something in action and carry us through to completion. To make this happen, we are looking at:  

You're not the type of person who does much to influence whether or not something happens. This means that you prefer to'see what occurs,' which is your way of avoiding responsibility.   

1. Aquarius  

It is that time. You and your partner are aware of this, which means that both of you have made every effort to put things right. However, that feeling of 'right' never materialised.   

2. Gemini  

You may believe that May 2024 is a tornado of emotions, but you also recognise that'such is life.' Even if your emotions run wild, as a Libra, you will soon settle down and realise that everything is cool, calm, and manageable.  

3. Libra  

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