4 Healing Lessons You Can Only Learn Within A Healthy Relationship

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A common piece of advice is to get over your trauma before you get involved with someone. People will tell you that it's foolish to try to mend a broken relationship because it's impossible.  

On the other hand, relationship repair is not only common but crucial, according to therapist Logan Cohen.   

The healing process can only be fully accomplished within the context of a committed relationship.  

Cohen argues having boundaries and needs won't alienate people. It will repel people who disrespect you or your boundaries.  

Knowing boundaries and needs won't alienate others.  

We are lied misled into thinking love requires an unexplained attraction.  

Knowing that the proper person can spark attraction.  

In relationships, both parties have flaws. Their actions will differ from yours. Or they'll know things you don't.  

Knowing you don't require perfection

Real love is a decision, not a sensation. The option can provide mutual respect, freedom, and empowerment to your partnership.  

Knowing that if love injured you in the past, it wasn't love.  

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