4 Obvious Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It

You're not by yourself! Guys frequently have a tendency to hide their emotions, which makes it difficult to discern what they really feel.  

Consistent Eye Contact: They say eyes are windows to the soul, and this holds true even in matters of the heart. If he maintains prolonged eye contact with you, often catching your gaze from across the room and holding it,  

Acts Nervous Around You: Does he suddenly become fidgety, stutter, or blush when you’re around? These are classic signs of someone feeling the pressure of wanting to impress someone they fancy.  

Goes Out of His Way to Help You: Pay attention to his actions. If he’s always the first to offer assistance or goes above and beyond to make your life easier, it could be his way of showing he cares. From small favors to grand gestures 

Finds Reasons to Initiate Contact: Whether it’s a subtle brush of his hand against yours or finding excuses to be physically close to you, he’s finding ways to break the touch barrier. Physical contact is a powerful form of communication, and if he’s seeking it out, 

revealing his true feelings despite his attempts to conceal them. 

While these signs may seem subtle, they’re like breadcrumbs leading you to the truth. However, decoding these signals can still leave you uncertain. 

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