Life Improves For 3 Zodiac Signs & Their Horoscopes On May 3

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On Friday, May 3, there might be some difficult patches.  

It's not that things are difficult for us; in fact, they aren't.   

Rather, we are beginning to worry that our hopes for something that we were really looking forward to may not materialise.  

Because of the influence of the transiting Moon conjunct Saturn on our perception and dreams, this love-related occurrence occurs.  

While your lifestyle has worked for you, much of what drives you is a hidden fantasy. Though you know it's impossible, you believe your wish will come true. The Law of Attraction is constantly in effect, but on May 3, you'll realise that if it can't be, it won't.  


You know you don't like being criticised for your beliefs, and it just so happens that you know they'll never happen in your life. The person you've had a crush on for aeons is involved, Aquarius.  


You've been romancing the impossible for a while, which means you've carried something for 'having something to do' On May 3, you consider letting go. You're sad and hurt, but there's hope. Nothing is hopeless, a major lesson today.  


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