Luckiest Day Of The Week For All Zodiac Signs For April 29 - May 5

To take advantage of the lucky opportunities around you, you must first know within your heart that you are worthy. 

Yet, there is a difference between knowing logically you are worthy versus embodying it within your heart and soul. Knowing in your mind what you are worth is the first step, 

You need to start seeing everything occurring for your benefit and to bring about greater wealth in your life. You’ve been called to go through an immense phase of growth as you begin to validate 

Aries: Monday, April 29

There are likely changes ahead for you in your career, which may seem daunting as you thrive in security, which is often seen as situations remaining the same. 

Taurus: Thursday, May 2

Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius on Thursday, May 2, in your house of luck, representing an incredible turning point in your life. 

Gemini: Thursday, May 2

You have felt a push in your career sector throughout Aries Season and the Solar Eclipse that occurred on April 8. 

Cancer: Tuesday, April 30

There is no point in trying to keep things the same because they are destined to change. What is currently rippling through your life is opening your eyes and heart to new experiences 

Leo: Tuesday, April 30

It’s said that the ultimate wealth is health, but that doesn’t only include your physical body but your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Because of this, when speaking of health, 

Virgo: Thursday, May 2

This new phase of your life is all about your happiness. As you’ve already begun working with this energy, you’ve come to see life differently. 

Libra: Thursday, May 2

You must be ruthless in standing up for what you want and deserve. Even if others may not always be on board or appreciate your candidness, 

Scorpio: Tuesday, April 30

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